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Lady GaGa James Corden Karaoke

Lady GaGa James Corden Karaoke Another feel good video, feel very good, happy, smiles, fun with singing and laughing and having a good time. As opposed to Republican feel good videos of smashmouth boxing, trailers for the next Mel Gibson movie, Trumpers giving the finger to the media, NRA ads, Rudy Giuliani imploding, bloody dead fetuses and The Donald screeching about the election being rigged.

Who do Republicans have as celebrity role models? Thin pickins, so please a little tea and sympathy for a political party so deprived of talent. Imagine if the only people you had to look up to were Gary Busey, Ted Nugent, Dennis Rodman, Hulk Hogan and Victoria Jackson?

Okay, okay, they do have one A-lister, an 86 ¬†year old man who’s claim to celebrity is saying he would really enjoy literally blowing the heads off of someone with a .44 magnum and talking to empty chairs. So that got that at least. Oh and Sarah Palin!

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