Lady President 2020. Must be hot but not too hot

Lady President 2020. Must be hot but not too hotThis is great! Lady President and Vice president in 2020 who are hot enough for most men to want to have sex with but not so hot that anyone thinks that is what got them to the top of the game.

So between the top contenders today Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Kamala Harris of California and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota we find that Gillibrand is too hot and Warren not not enough so we are left with the White House open only to Harris or Klobuchar.

Though Republicans have little chance at the White House next time around Nikki Haley is part of that porridge that is just right. Kellyanne or Coulter? Forget it girls, you are the stuff of boney blonde vomit nightmare sex.