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Larry Wilmore: Carl Stokes & Richard Sherman, THUG is the new NWORD

Baltimore counsilman Carl Stokes THUG is the new NWORD
Baltimore councilman Carl Stokes THUG is the new NWORD

OMG, Baltimore city Councilman Carl Stokes used the NWORD right there on CNN to a white lady, OMG.

Whites, blacks, MSNBC, Fox News and President Obama are all on board to call bad African Americans “Thugs.”  Pretty much the same defense from Paula Deen in using the NWORD to not describe all African Americans but just the bad ones.

What do we call bad white guys who disobey police orders and riot in the streets? Hmm… Oh here it is!   “Revelers,” “celebrants,” “fans” and “students!”

And what do we call just plain ole criminal white guys? I can’t seem to find any word for that. Wonder why it is so easy to find words for Black bad guys that everyone accepts but there is not an accepted name for white guys doing the same thing?  Why is that?

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