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Last Week Tonight John Oliver Exorcises Facebook Privacy Hoax

Last Week Tonight John Oliver Exorcises Facebook Privacy Hoax, Reveals How to Keep Facebook Privacy

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver has a word with gullible new Facebook users, who have been fooled by privacy hoaxes in which they are told to cut and paste a lengthy declaration on their facebook page, in the belief that it will protect their privacy rights within status updates.

If you’ve been a victim of one of  the pervasive hoaxes, you may feel silly when you look more closely at the language in your ‘security agreement.’ Some are riddled with misspelled words, while others encourage users to post a legal-sounding document beginning with the words “I do declare the following.”  Really Miss Scarlett?  John warns; “Just because you say something in the voice of a Southern debutante does not make it legally binding.”  Another agreement solemnly states the protection is provided under the ‘Roman statue.’ We all picked David.

To remedy the problem, John posted a video to reveal how users can truly protect their privacy.
First – however, you must log out of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend’s Facebook page. Yes, they truly are that happy – and successful. Don’t ever go there again, it can only bring heartbreak!
You need only follow John Oliver’s  video, to exorcise the hoax from your Facebook page, and provide the protection you seek. In accordance with ‘The Social Media Profile Copyright Act of 1934: Section 6, subsection 2-e, paragraph 4, you will – with John’s help,  protect your privacy legally and forever!