Lawrence O’Donnell Lets Wayne Lapierre and the NRA have it, MSNBC


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Personally I think Lawrence let this dickhead off too easy. I watched the LaPierre for a half hour live and could not believe what I was seeing. What KIND of person is that who listens to such swill. It’s not about regulations, its about THAT KIND OR PERSON. Droning on and on about MONSTERS and KILLERS and VIOLENCE and EXTREMISM and EVIL and FEAR and PARANOIA when it is himself and the NRA that most suffers such adjectives. WINGNUTS! And I bet they are all in the Tea Party. WINGNUTS. Over the cliff into a Wall Crash. WINGNUTS. And the WINGNUTS are all Republicans who watch FOX NEWS and listen to RUSH LIMBAUGH, and read ANN COULTER books. Why are we allowing these WINGNUTS to run the show? Because the Koch Brothers are feeding them BILLIONS of dollars to misinform, to lie, cheat and steal.

So is the GOP going to raise taxes to insure better mental health, or pay $6 billion for armed police in schools. There was an armed cop in Columbine! Of course not. Or will the GOP pass gun regulations. It is the KIND of people they are.

Here’s the deal, you can’t stop it all, just like 911, Benghazi or what have you. It’s a long range issue that takes some time. But it needs a starting point. It is time to being with assault rifles, clips and gunshow loophole. And hope to gradually change the violent gun culture in this country which makes it cool for these mentally ill shooters and their WINGNUT counterparts to buy and have and play and worship these murder machines. They are not pencils, or books, or rocks or knives which all have OTHER purposes, they are singularly murder machines.

Both Great Britain and Australia had a bad one like this in the 1990’s, they passed some immediate controls which helped them CHANGE THE CULTURE. It can be done. Both nations now let their children go out and play, at night! We have to start somewhere. Take the FUN out of the GUN.

I did an article many years ago about a job interview. It kind of went like this… Next? What’s your hobby? My hobby is a little green house in the backyard I grow orchids in. Next? What’s your hobby? I put cammo outfits on the kids, we all go out in the woods and and blow the living crap out of whatever we can with my arsenal of assault weapons, 100 round clips and semi automatic 9mms I also carry around with me.

Who ya gonna hire….