Letterman: GOP Convention Hurricane Proof That God Is A Woman

David Letterman is taking no prisoners as he reviews recent Republican hi-jinks and fumbles leading up to the GOP Convention in Tampa. The convention, which promised to be a good time had by  all, with many party-goers having established relationships with hookers far in advance, has taken on a gloomy side. Not least among developments is Tropical Storm Isaac – or God(ette’s) Revenge for you GOP fun-seekers.

Chief among party poopers of The Bold and the Blundering is Todd Akin. We could simply stop with Akin, but just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, Kevin Yoder and a few friends threw caution and their clothing to the wind before taking a world-famous skinny-dip. Dave’s snarks regarding Ryan and Cheney are too close for comfort, but the news isn’t all hilariously negative. Letterman is turning over a new leaf.  There will be no more fat jokes about Chris Christie!

Letterman : Hurricane Isaac proof God is a woman. RNC convention culmination of screw ups

3 Replies to “Letterman: GOP Convention Hurricane Proof That God Is A Woman”

  1. Dirty old Dave Letterman who pressured female staffers to sleep with him? That Dave Letterman? Dirty ‘ol Dave hasn’t been funny, poignant or even slightly interesting in over 15 years.

    1. Certainly not as fall down funny as you!

      Was David cavorting with sexual active single girls before he got married? Oh the horror… Really THE HORROR. Those sluts must be punished. How about we deny giving then any choice in an abortion NO MATTER WHAT PERIOD. And then make sure the poor ones have no access to birth control! So say Republican men in the name of personal freedom and liberty!
      You nitwit…

    2. Ahh…That’s this IL legitimate rape we have been hearing about. Sexually active single women (sluts) CHOOSING to have sex with unfunny old men. TThanx for clearing that up, we were wondering…

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