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Liberal Redneck on Trump’s Muslim Ban – Video

The Liberal Redneck is riled about Trump’s Muslim – terrorism ban, which oddly excludes Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Lebanon. To Trae Crowder, it’s like going on a diet and excluding all the cheeses but Velveeta – and we all know what Velveeta did!

“We – as groups of people, are not defined by the worst among us.”  Crowder points out that even if the ban were about terrorism, it would be enormously unfair to the innocent, good people who are suffering. But only the dimmest bulb believes it’s about terrorism. To Crowder, “It’s the most fundamentally unAmerican action in my living memory.” He’s not alone. I’m having a difficult time topping this, and can only come up with Japanese Internment Camps…Maybe, it’s a tough call.

Trae doesn’t spare the feelings of ‘Lord Commander Marmalade’s base’ in this video. Perhaps the most shocking bit for them, will be learning that they’re just like the Islamic terrorists they loathe.

“You’re two side of  the same coin.  Women should be subservient to men. You both hate gays, and love camo. You have  no use for books but ONE.  Hey, know how you and your buddies like to load up in the back of a truck shooting your guns up in the air and screaming? THEY do that ALL THE TIME, MAN!”

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