Limited Republican constituency and Ted Cruz, Zyglis Cartoon

THIS JUST IN!  A poll today of Republicans puts Mike Huckabee as the most desirable GOP candidate for president in 2016! You see, they learned their lesson! 🙂  Please Lord, for the sake of humanity, keep them blind in their bubble.Republican party of old white men, zyglis

The GOP’s only hope is life extension products.  Plavix went generic a few months ago which is a good start.  But from what I am hearing in the last few days is that is about the only option available to them.  The cartoon is missing the Young Libertarian Binder.  Speaking of which…

Here in Texas we are all abuzz with the our new Hispanic Senator Cruz!  Someone who is fresh, young, charismatic, smart, Christian, Hispanic and can work with the other side we are told.  Why we are told that is a one of the great mysteries of our time.  Ted Cruz is of Cuban descent, is a full bore Tea Party darling, is against the Dream Act, behind Jan Brewer, Arizona immigration policy and has nothing at all in common with Hispanics outside old Cubans.  He was born in Canada to a Cuban father and Irish American Mother. He not Catholic but Evangelical Baptist.

He replaces moderate RHINO Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Ted Cruz is a wingnut who I am sure will form a coalition with Rand Paul to create the NEW REPUBLICAN PARTY!  Based upon their core beliefs of the total destruction of all unions, the privatization of Social Security, turning Medicare into a voucher system, deportations, and cut or eliminate Medicaid, food stamps, workman’s comp, veterans benefits, student loans, public education et al.