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Losers for Donald Trump!

Losers for Donald Trump!

Oops, sorry, LOSERS is so very conservatively incorrect, as Republican wordsmith Frank Luntz calls them, WORKING CLASS UNDERACHIEVERS, though the impetus for this cartoon is that we recently learned that most if not all Aryan, White Supremacist and racist organizations are endorsing Donald Trump. I wonder why that is?

After this cycle my guess is we will garner a few new words in our political lexicon, TRUMPISTS, TRUMPISM, TRUMPERS to replace the dying TEA PARTY meme.

I also wonder at the must ubiquitous poll we hear, that most Americans say the country is going in the wrong direction or another about American voters are the angriest they have ever been. What the Hell does that mean? What direction? Angry at what?

My guess is the only thing change of late is how much more angry 30% of Americans are about having a black family in the White House. That same 30% who are so full of bile that they cannot even understand anyone shedding a tear for the parents of 20 five year olds blown apart by an assault rifle. Now add to that the 40% who are angry that we have no single payer health care. And what does it mean? 70% of friggin what?

Single payer is so easy to achieve which the rest of the world – including most all conservative political parties other than American Republicans – have come to terms with long ago.

The system is already in place, just give everyone a Medicare card and deduct $300 a month [less than employers will give raises to no longer pay benefits] from everyone’s pay check and tweak things down the line. I am sure there are enough Republicans to support the insurance companies with supplemental or advantage plans to ensure it is at least somewhat unfair.

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