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Marijuana Vape pens bring pot Breathalyzer to cops

Marijuana vape pens? If you know little about Stoner culture or do know but are way way behind the times still rolling joints there is a new kid on the block.  If not already, these things are soon to become the primary way of getting high.

They are the size of a fountain pen, the rechargeable battery unit costs $10, the blister packed burner unit screws on to the top of the battery, retail is about $30 in the legal states and about $40 for the rest of us. It is enough for a few weeks of regular use. The burner unit contains the oil, the burner and the tip which is thrown away when empty. There is little smoke or smell and absolutely no fuss no muss or need of a lighter ever again.

It is the now the primary way of moving pot from the pot states elsewhere. I am sure the cops are well aware of this by now.

Because of the low impact of smoke and smell and no lighters along with them being confused with eCig units – the  cartridge is also interchangeable to most eCig units – they are becoming ever more popular in bars, restaurants, cars, buses, Uber, parks, stores and the table at grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner.

AND!  Why they haven’t made the flat tip into a tapered round tip and added a shirt fastener to the top end is beyond me. What? Too stoned to get with the program out there in Colorado?

Pot Breathalyzer: California Company Creates THC-Detecting Breathalyzer For Safer Roads