Maureen Dowd, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush Kills her Boyfriend

During her husband’s presidential runs, many reporters shied away from asking Laura Bush about the freakishly horrible accident she had when she was 17. Hurrying to a party, she ran a stop sign in Midland, Tex., one night on Farm Road 868 and ran into a car that turned out to be driven by the golden boy of her high school, a cute star athlete she was believed to have had a crush on. He died instantly of a broken neck. Dreams of Laura

Maureen Dowd did her Sunday piece on one of those political books where fiction and the real world collide. Much like Primary Colors a decade ago was the story of the Clintons in the White House, American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld is really the story of Laura Bush.

I am still often asked by my now college age kids what’s the difference between a Democrat and a Republican.  At one time they were actually interested in my answers, but now it seems they only ask out of politeness to see what crazyass thing I come up with. 

The above quoted paragraph from Clinton Hater Maureen Dowd [I suppose that was unfair as Maureen seems to hate just about everybody] puts a few exclamation marks at the end of the question.

What’s the difference between a Republican and a Democrat?!!

Lean back now, close your eyes, go back to 1992. It is found that Hillary Clinton ran a stop sign, hit a car driven by her lover who’s neck was instantly broken and he died on the spot. 

Are you with me on this?  Hillary admits it on the TODAY show and the media "shied away" from going any further with the story.  Gosh…

So now pick your self up off the floor and get back in your chair. What is it now, 2008? Subtracted from 1992 would be 16 years. 

The story would still be on the front page and the topic of talk radio now 16 tears later! It would have been the biggest story of all time causing many to ask, OJ who?

So there you have the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Keep that in mind when you vote. Oh and Republicans are peeking in your windows so close the drapes. Remember that too. And they think the price of gas you are paying at the pump is just in your head. Remember that too… This could go on and on and on hey…