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Medicare Advantage for all, Warren and Bernie listen up!

Map of nations with and without universal health care puts the United States is poor company

When we reach 65 we become experts on Medicare as we have to make a choice between Medicare and Medicare Advantage consumes us.  At first Medicare Advantage seems like a no brainer. The cost seems free as the $120 a month we pay for plan B no matter what, goes to private insurance companies who cover most everything Medicare does not. But there are flaws in that plan.  It is a Network HMO which means only some hospitals and doctors are in the network and coverage erodes if you travel.  That choice is wholly dependent upon where you live.  Here in Houston it is indeed a no brainer, most all hospitals and doctors are in Cigna. While if you live in rural areas you may have to go 100 miles to find a doctor or hospital in the network.  So when I say MEDICARE ADVANTAGE FOR ALL I mean a fully covered nationwide system, not a regional one.

I have spent quite a bit of time Googling health care systems around the world to find that the plan most popular in most civilized nations is:
The people and the government of a nation decides health care is a human right.
Everyone is covered.
No one can go bankrupt for getting sick.
Drug costs down 80% from what Americans pay now.
Like SS it is paid for by a payroll tax that an employer can pay part or all of or offer supplemental plans.
It is dispensed by existing health insurance companies who work the system in non profit mode and in return apply their database to selling supplemental and concierge plans.
The payroll tax is less than the premiums we pay now, there are few if any deductibles, it is less percent of the GNP, it is based on preventive care, it has better outcomes and more than 80% of the population using such systems are happy with it.
Neither is that SOCIALISM nor will it raise taxes.

Bernie and Warren have to jump on board with that. Worldwide, government owned and operated systems are few, in fact I think there are only GB, Canada, Iceland and one of the Scandinavian countries. The rest use some sort of hybrid system with existing health care providers.

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