Meet Ted Nugent, Larry Craig and the rest the Right-wing Lunaitc NRA Board members

Meet the NRA Leadership

As a onetime hunter, I have to say please put on waders, (hip boots will not do) before you read down this list of miscreants. These are the people who are writing our gun laws. It’s like a Who’s Who of dog crap. I mean really. Its full to overflowing with abject racists, bigots, vigilanties, morons, and CHRISTIANS all seething with a hatred that surpasses any other issue in America. It is very hard to find anything good to say about any of them. Remember, when that US Senator next to you taking a crap starts playing footsie with you he is probably armed.

What is really sad about all this – is that surprisingly – it is the under 30 crowd that is moving us toward less and less gun controls. I suppose that has to do with them not yet being parents and being so preoccupied with texting and sexting.

wayne lapeirre NRA