Merry CHRISTmas from the Scottsdale Gun Club, Arizona, Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, the NRA, the Supreme Court and the GOP!

merry gun Christmas

Just a fun loving Christmas card from one of the nice families of Scottsdale, Arizona. They know what fun guns are. Special thanks for helping Bill O’Reilly and Fox News put the Christ back in Christmas!

As I am sure you know THIS IS NO TIME to talk about guns.  And anyway, the more guns the better. We can’t even let our children play outside in DAYLIGHT without fear they are going to get SHOT because of all the fking guns. Now more guns than people. Had all the grade school teachers, staff and designated students had GUNS this would not have happened. Just like we should hand out pistols to everyone getting on a plane to stop hijackers.  Just a note.  I have friends in Italy, their children play outside AT NIGHT.  As do most kids most everywhere but the US and the MIDDLE EAST. .

Nothing more Christian that holiday assault rifles and machine pistols with babies.  These people are just so… so… hmmm… I know… AMERICAN!