Michael Steele the Magic Negro

steele The new face of the GOP! The Republican Party which is about 99.3% white, elected an African American to run the party. Moderate Michael Steele beat out the 5 more conservative contenders. I have been hearing for most of a year that the song Barack the Magic Negro is not offensive. Is Mike the Magic Negro offensive? Picking an African Americans who represent .7% of the GOP is magical indeed!

Steele who was elected Lt Governor in Maryland is said to be a Moderate Republican. Moderate meaning deregulation of our financial system, tax breaks for the wealthy, preemptive war, torture, denial of due process and habeas corpus, listening to our phone calls and reading our emails… You know, moderate Republican. From what I gather all Republicans who are not named Ann Coulter are moderates.

So who will prevail?  The Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin Right-wing ideologues? Or will it be the Arlen Spector and Michael Steele pragmatists? Will the GOP be reduced to the old Confederacy (and Idaho) or will it reinvent itself into something reasonable?