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Michelle Wolf Defects Now! America is Sinking After Helsinki

Trump’s Helsinki summit couldn’t have gone better – for Putin. Realistically, America may never recover from the Trump-Putin collaboration. While Republicans could stop the madness, we still cannot look to them for help. Michelle likens the GOP to toddlers who get a sticky piece of paper on one hand, so they use the other hand to get it off, and it sticks to that hand – repeat, until the screaming attracts the attention of a grownup or the family dog.

Michelle tests a few jokes for potential new audiences, in the event that she has to defect to Russia or China or even Taiwan. To be realistic, we’ll all be run by the robot overlords. See the translation for Michelle’s joke for our robotic masters:   ‘01010101000101010100000011111’

The Break with Michelle Wolf | Pledge of Allegiance | Netflix