Bill Maher: Alexandra Pelosi’s 2012 GOP Convention Video of Republican ignorance and anger

Well there they are. Your neighbors. These are the people the GOP cater to. As you can see their anger is only trumped by their ignorance. They will eat all the lies they are fed. The real trouble with this country can be seen in that last woman’s face. That is ignorance so beyond the pale one wonders if it may not be Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell or John Cleese in heavy makeup.

And the problem just got worse this month. Plavix went generic.  Once Hyzaar, Lipitor and Crestor go generic these crazy old farts may just live forever.  We are told the demographics are on our side mostly due to Hispanic growth, but I am not so sure they are factoring in all these ignorant old bigots (who Tom Brokow call the Greatest Generation) living far beyond expectations. They don’t like those fairies and coloreds running loose.

angry white Republicans

  • Muy Groso

    You don’t live down here in Dumbutt, USA I take it. For what you saw there is just the tip of the iceberg. Give them all a .357 magnum and an AR15 and add about 30 million more and you got the real deal.

  • HopeyChangey

    The scary friends and neighbors in this clip exemplify how well sound bytes and slogans from slanted sources now ‘inform’ voters.

  • Ruby Mae

    My first time to your site to see Bill Maher’s clip. I am glad to see that Betty Boop is a liberal!!

    • Muy Groso

      Everybody was a liberal back then! Well… Hmmm… EXCEPT FOR HITLER! 🙂

      • db

        Sr. Groso,

        Respectfully disagree.

        There a number of parallels & in some cases direct copies of the attacks made on President Roosevelt & those made on President Obama. “Socialist” “Communist” “Radical” were bandied about in 1936 as well as 2012.

        “A Conservative is someone who thinks that; if he keeps his head down & ignores things long enough; the 20th Century will just pass him by.” Works for us today as well as it did for Will Rodgers in 1933.

  • rackjite

    No longer, it is now called REPUBLICAN IDEOLOGY.

    Ted Cruz
    Paul Ryan
    Rand Paul

    The future of the GOP.

  • db

    No Lt.,

    Ayn Rand was your philosopher, not mine. We referred to her philosophy as, “Anarcho-selfishism”.

  • rackjite

    Well it had to have been Community Organizer Obama who was in on 911. You know about those Community Organizers, you are one on occasion I assume. Nothing worse to a Republican than a Community Orgnaizer! Not only do Republicans want to take government assistance away from the poor and working poor, but even private help from… you know, those goddamn DOGOODERS and BLEEDING HEARTS. It is not the devil that lives inside of all of us, it is Ayn Rand.

  • db

    Okay Lt.,

    At about the 1:07 mark the guy says that President Obama knew about the 9/11 attacks before they happened.(?)

    So (eventual) President Obama stood by & let the attacks occur so that (then) President Bush, Jr. could look Presidential & then invade Iraq; borrowing & spending for which would wreck the economy; which would ease the election of Obama(?) I can’t even find a path where “Obama/9/11/truth” makes sense.

    Could you or bubba please explain it to me?