Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke joining the Trump Administration?

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark joining the Trump Administration?

Seems Rodrigo Duterte, being a foreigner, is not available for a deputy secretary of Homeland Security job in the Trump Administration, and ex Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not quite universally nasty or insane enough, but Sheriff David Clarke fits the bill. BTW, Ted Nugent declined the job as it would interfere with his daily kill limit.

The good news is that this appointment seems thus far to only be in Sheriff David Clark’s head. But with Trump, who knows.

Having numerous prisoners die in his jail, including a newborn, some from dehydration after being refused water for days on end, and recently having an airline passenger detained by his gang at the Milwaukee airport, questioned and threatened for “looking funny” at Sheriff Clarke because he wore a Dallas Cowboy shirt the day before the playoff game with the Green Bay Packers is only the tip of the this dark ugly iceberg.

Please read the article linked below. And afterwards see if you can come up with a more deplorable human being. Well other than Duterte or Nugent anyway.

Getting to know Sheriff David Clarke,  A David Clarke dossier – Thanx to Radley Balko of the Washington Post

NOTE: Though the people of Milwaukee County elected this pig five times knowing full well what he is he knows he can’t win the coming election being down 2 to 1. But those Wisconsin elections for Clark, Lazy Eye Scott Walker winning the reset, and the state going for Trump has now caused a new name for the once progressive Diary State. Wississippi.