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Missouri Rodeo Clown Republican for President

missouri rodeo clown

missouri rodeo clown

Could there be a better Republican candidate than rodeo clown Tuffy Gessling to sweep the Republican Primaries in 2016. Is there anyone that could be more attractive to the Republican base in Iowa and South Carolina?

The Missouri State Fair crowd cheering the clowns as the put a broom stuck up President Obama’s butt! And applauding another clown fingering the big fat lips of the Obama mask clown. 15 minutes the skit and the cheering when on.

Fox News and talk radio and Glenn Beck are playing Tuffy as the Republican hero of the Summer. Texas congressman Steve Stockman has invited Tuffy to Texas to by the state rodeo clown. I suppose replacing Stockman’s best pal, Ted Nugent.

Not sure what Tuffy will be wearing for the Republican Primary debates, the Obama mask or just a big red nose.

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