More War and less black women, Ramirez cartoon

ramirez more war and less black women

I include this piece of right-wing art because it makes 3 horrible points well.

Republicans are hungry for another war, this time with a nation 10 times as big as our last two messes. Which will more than likely cause Pakistan and Egypt to enter the fray. You know, World War 3 because of Israeli Settlements.

Then we have the issue itself. President Obama not meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu a month before the election. Netanyahu does not like President Obama and will do whatever he can to help Romney win to help get the next war going.  Netanyahu is a hard core Right-winger in the Right-wing Likud Party, he does not have the backing of most Israelis. It is a sure thing that Netanyahu will do whatever he can to screw Obama in any meeting they have. As such it is beyond foolish for the President to have a meeting with him. And if he does not meet with Netanyahu he can’t meet with any other leader. It is just common sense.

And of course Ramirez – the top Right-wing cartoonist in America – cannot let THE VIEW pass. The denigration of an all women show, with of course that uppity colored Whoopie Goldberg.

  • db

    Thank you. Something else I didn’t know.

    • rackjite

      …what with Google…


  • rackjite

    Obama did a 7am radio talk show for a few minutes on Sept 11th before the 911 ceremonies. Black DJ goes by PIMP WITH A LIMP.

  • db

    I’m still trying to figure out “Pimp with a limp show”.

    This is another case of Romney Fuzz. He’ll only say that an Iranian nuclear bomb is unacceptable. (I happen to agree). He won’t answer what he intends to do to stop it.