Morons Ted Nugent and Hank Williams Jr headline Logan County Labor Day Hillbilly Concert

Dumb, Dumber and Dumbass will Headline West Virginia Logan County Labor Day Hillbilly Concert

There will be a big labor day wingnut FREE concert in Logan Country West Virginia. Funded by the corporate coal lobby it will have Ted Nugent as the master of ceremonies, guns and bows, Sean Hannity will take the stage and stand about being fat and stupid and Nashville’s biggest star Hank Williams Jr will be there with all his rowdy friends to express his utter disdain and visceral hatred of the President of the United States.

Though free it is now said to be Sold Out with an expected 100,000 coming to help crap on the planet Earth. These are real hillbillies! Not the flatland Texas kind I am used to, but the real thing. Be warned, if you have a pretty mouth stay away! Friends of America Coal Concert

What stopped me in my tracks reading about this was a quote from NASCAR King and the Prince of Country Western Hank Williams Jr. who has put all this angst about President Obama not being a legitiamte President in perhaps the dumbest words ever put together.

Keep in mind that Barack Obama won the 2008 election by 7% of the popular vote. (8 million votes) and by 212 electoral votes. While Hank Williams Jr’s pal George W. Bush lost the popular vote by 500,000 votes but won the election by 5 electoral votes.

"If it wasn’t for
the Electoral College, Obama wouldn’t be president, that’s the problem
right there." Hank Williams Jr who just might be even dumber than Ted Nugent.

Here is a bit of what they will be getting from a Ted Nugent concert from last year.

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  • Not a hillbilly

    Ignorant Hillbilly Millionaire. Proof of what too much money, with too little brains can do. I used to respect Ted, until he sold out too. Looks like buying up hillbillies is on the new political agenda. Well shoot Mr. Driesdale, I don’t know about all that, I think I’ll go for a swim in my Ceement-Pond. Yuk, yuk, comin’ Granny, Jethro- stop chewin’ your toes!

  • KicK! Making Politics Fun

    As you know, Massey Energy is a coal company which is not only a massive polluter of land and water in it’s own business of strip mining, but is also responsible for causing the most air pollution we enjoy which comes from coal powered generating plants.

  • GPM

    You know, he may actually have unintentionally made a point with the electoral college thing. If Bush hadn’t become president because of it, he wouldn’t have messed things up to the point where, as the Onion article goes, “Nation finally crapty enough to make social progress”

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    • Rack Jite

      hmmm…Spoken like a… hmm… Well… Gosh… Like a nastyass hillbilly I guess…

    • Frack

      Wow! Are you from the West Virginnie Tourism Board? Your “calm rational response” certainly demonstrates the iconic ignorant hillbilly mentality better than any video could, thanks!

  • Rack Jite

    Hannnity had a whole series of these things over the Summer he had been pushing real hard all year on the radio. I havent heard anythign about any of them… Other than Lee Greenwood is just so awesome!!

  • Parti357

    A *FREE* concert? That is socialism in action. If it is not profit driven then it must suck. Will there be white sheets given out at the door? Also, what time is the cross burning? Hmmm… A rally with racists and propagandists. Should Leni Riefenstahl be filming this.