Mother Of All Bombs and Trump – John Oliver Part 2

Mother Of All Bombs and Trump - John Oliver Part 2

Trump breathes adoration, he is sustained the cheers of the crowd and flattery, and now he’s floating in patriotic praise over the launch of the MOAB last weekend. Trump isn’t much of a dancer, but he certainly shimmied around the question ‘did you authorize this strike?’ For good reason, Trump had nothing to do with firing the missile, but he is ecstatic about the praise he’s getting from idiots like Fox & Friends and Geraldo.

In truth, a U.S. Commander took it upon himself to launch the missile without the need for, and without requesting Trump’s approval. For all we know, the Commander could be Geraldo Rivera’s bully from high school, Richie. You see, Geraldo believes Trump launched the missile, because he is the bully America needs! Geraldo wants Trump to perform yet more unpredictable, violent acts – to keep the bad guys on their toes. Apparently this is Rivera’s chance to ‘be’ the bully, and together with Trump he will even the score on his miserable high school days. Was he like this before Al Capone’s vault?

You’ve seen the results of Richie’s handiwork. He’s given the world Geraldo Rivera. Trump’s search for praise may lead him to something much worse….A nuclear option. We could be overrun with Riveras!¬† Oh gawd, that is a best case scenario!