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New EPA head Andrew Wheeler is worst than Pruitt

Andrew Wheeler worked for the Koch Brothers, was a Lobbyist for coal companies, was on the staff of the most powerful climate denier, Sen Inhofe and he is not a silly clown like Pruitt so can do far more damage under the radar.

Andrew Wheeler, like Scott Pruitt is born and raised and lives in Oklahoma. That right there should be enough to disqualify both.  Ever been to Oklahoma?  Ever thought of a vacation there?  I spent a year there in the Army and then abut 20 years of visits for work. You like rocks?  Is brown you favorite color?  It is where lazy employees are sent to work at a branch office.   It is also where in the NBA drafts, if a kid draws OKLAHOMA they have to put him on suicide watch.  But one good thing, from the highway in Tulsa you can Oral Roberts’ 110′ Jesus sticking his arm out of the ground. Jesus is 110 feet tall because he needs big shoulders to carry his flock to Heaven. REALLY.

Scott Pruitt’s Replacement Is Even Worse

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