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New Republican Health Plan is Easy, Don’t Buy an iPhone – Jimmy Kimmel

New Republican Health Plan is Easy, Don't Buy an iPhone - Jimmy Kimmel

HeNew Republican Health Plan is Easy, Don't Buy an iPhone - Jimmy Kimmel althcare has been a controversial issue lately, made even more confusing by Representative Jason Chaffetz suggesting the solution for affording it will be giving up your iPhone. Jimmy Kimmel hopes it will make more sense when you see the plan broken down in this informative video.

Most Americans feel that Obamacare isn’t broken and there’s no need to ‘fix’ it with the slim 120 page document someone fired off in the last chaotic three weeks of Trump’s takeover. Republicans expect Americans to swallow the bitter pill without understanding the finer points. This is where Jason Chaffetz of Utah barges in: “Maybe instead of buying that new iPhone that they just love, they should invest in healthcare.” There you have the Republican philosophy! Uninsured Americans are profligate fools who rush out to buy the shiniest new toy instead of saving for a luxury appendectomy or broken leg. Mind,Representatives like Chaffetz are already covered with a less punitive healthcare plan.

In short, a treatment for your peptic ulcer costs the same amount as an iPhone 7+ Don’t bring the doctor a  phone, silly. Just bring in the amount of money one would cost.  Of course, some treatments are more expensive. If you find yourself wondering, ‘how many iPhones do I have to not buy in order to get an appendectomy?’  Just use this handy app that converts medical expenses to iPhone equivalents! We know you have an iPhone, no one uses androids – in Utah, I guess.

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