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The New Republicans 2014, Gay, Black & Latino Voices. Zina Saunders animation

The New Republicans 2014, Gay,Black & Latino. Zina Saunders animation

The following message is brought to you by, ‘The Republican Effort to Totally Revamp Ourselves in 2014’ or… RETRO 2014. The GOP has seen the future, and the future is diverse. How can the party of wealthy,hypocritical old white men appeal to blacks, gays, ‘latin-oh Americans’ and women? Forget women for now, they have – with the exception of trans-vaginal ultra-sound exams and reproduction in general. If possible, they care about the other three groups even less, but they sure do  need them!

Watch as a ‘sincere’ PSA goes exactly the way one expect if produced by the GOP.
A gay man is used to promote gay marriage,’the gay union between a man and a woman.’ The black man wishes to discriminate against the Latin-oh man in more socially acceptable ways.’  As you already know, to the GOP, “America has REAL choices, like the choice between diabetes one and diabetes two.”

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