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New Rules Bill Maher, Bombing Muslims, Sept 13 2013

[jwplayer file=”http://rackjite.com/wp-content/uploads/maherrules9132013.mp4″ image=”http://rackjite.com/wp-content/uploads/1tr-newrules.jpg”]

New Rules with Bill MaherWhy do we have to discuss bombing anyone at all? Let someone else be the world’s bomber. And here we have one of the reasons for uncensored political discourse, someone to say that the reason THEY don’t like us is because we bomb them. And when we are not bombing them we are discussing, debating and voting about bombing them.

I guess we are the world’s bomber because we are the world’s arms dealer and the world’s gun people. Guns and bombs. Bombs and guns.  It’s who we are.  There is a lull in the bombing of late, but as soon as a white Republican gets in back in the White House the bombing will commence once more.

After all, without the bombs or the guns who are we?  Socialist wussies.  We need to be more like Putin.  No wussie there!