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New Rules Bill Maher, JFK versus Ronald Reagan, Nov 22 2013

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New Rules Bill Maher

Here Bill Maher shows us all the cultural and personality differences between YOUNG AND COOL and OLD AND BORING. Best wrapped up here by JFK having sex with the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, as opposed to Ronald Reagan having sex with a woman he calls “Mommy.”

We often think we are living in the most divisive period in history when in reality nothing has changed much. Well other than a bit of extra Right-wing intensity because of THE black guy. But it has always been pretty much the same story ME vs US.

Those who have the natural ability to stand in another person’s shoes, versus those who can only fit that one pair of shoes they are wearing. Though once in a while they will find themselves through serendipity forced into a pair of strange shoes and can then empathize with… Themselves.

This natural, biological and genetic difference can only be resolved by, how does one say. demographic attrition? No thanks to Lipitor, Crestor, Plavix and Metamucil.

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