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New Rules Bill Maher, queens of the snowflakes, May 4 2018

Again Bill Maher rails at political correctness gone off the rails. He’s right of course, other than racism this issue is what moved the working class to the GOP straight ticket.

The problem with this example – like so many others of it’s kind – is who are these snowflakes?  I have never seen, heard or come across them in my life or in my daily foray Googling.

The great unsaid in all this is that these are almost all women and together they make up about 2% of the population. While on the other hand, those seeped in the Trump bigotry, racism, fake news, lies, conspiracies, guns and hate make up about 40% of the population.

The example I most like to refer to is when Bill Maher went nuts over the PC demonstration to stop his act at Berkeley. There were pictures of them.  Six women in hijabs and a fat guy in shorts.

If you ask my kids what Dad told them most often as they were growing up it was


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