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New Rules with Bill Maher, Roberts Court worse than Obamacare, Nov 15 2013

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New Rules Bill MaherCitizens United and the Voting Rights Act roll back are direct attacks upon Democracy. The John Roberts Court can easily be said to be the most anti Democratic in our history. With all five Republicans proved so wrong so fast.

During the Voting RIghts Act argument John Roberts personally and sarcastically asked if we were to actually believe that the South is more racist than the North? Wow, how anyone could be that far removed from not only present reality but past history as well is beyond me? From someone who is supposedly very smart.

And did you hear Oprah Winfrey is in deep trouble here in America. On a BBC TV interview the other day she suggested that the disrespect directed at President Obama may be racial in nature. OMG!  Fox News and Talk Radio are going nuts. No bigger lie has ever been told. Well other than that Obama said everyone could keep their crappy health insurance policies.

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