New Rules Bill Maher, Trolling the Snowflakes, August 11 2017

New Rules Bill Maher, Trolling the Snowflakes, August 11 2017Trolling the Snowflakes has been going on since I first went online in newsgroups 30 years ago. Back then there were no rules which worked through the phone system. The Right outnumbered the left about 100 to 1. Problem being this was before ISPs and caller ID and if a liberal spoke up the primary work of the Right was to find out where the liberals lived, then posted addresses, maps, phone numbers, names of children, schools they went to, death threats, drivebys and threats by phone. Few Liberals wanted to take that chance. It was imperative to try and hide your identity if you were a liberal, gay or woman. If you went to the police they just laughed. Libertarians were far far worse than the Fundamentalists.

I learned long ago to never take their bait. Reply with a short personal attack better than they can dish out – for arguing facts, data, truth goes absolutely nowhere – and move on. Do not draw it out which is what they want.

What you have learned about the Republican Base and Trumpers in the past year and a half, I learned 30 years ago and have been screeching to one for those thirty years that there about 30 million more of them than yall thought there were.