New Rules with Bill Maher, Libertarian crap with Rand Paul April 5 2013

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New Rules with Bill MaherIf ever the term “DON’T GET ME STARTED!” applies to ME, this is it.  LOONEYTARIANS!  RAND PAUL! TED CRUZ! AYN RAND! It’s taking the standard Right-wing swill and over the right field foul line, over the stand, beyond the parking lot into to Thunderdome.

I was thinking about Bill just last week moaning and groaning about the BIG GULP nanny state or New York.  It’s that common phenomenon of a cliche defying common sense.   Take that one issue, reducing sugar intake in children. It reduces the onset of diabetes in kids, it reduces child obesity, makes children healthier, reduces health care costs, helps make us all healthier and live longer.

We can’t have that! Especially when it is ABSOLUTELY NO SKIN OFF OUR NOSE. Buy ten 16 oz cups, buy gallons at the grocery, buy tons of syrup and CO2, shoot it into your eyeballs, shove it up your ass, bath in it, swim in it. But reduce the size of the cups in the places where kids drink too much of the crap? Hell no! Nanny state! Na na na Nanny State.