New sexy robots stimulate your mind with pillow talk, choice of hot bods, personalities

sex robots   programmed to talk    Douglas Hines   can increase vocabulary      first sex robots of kind     distinct personalities  hot bodies   isolated people   "Sex only goes so far — then you want to be able to talk to the person," These are the words of Douglas Hines founder of True Companion LLC, and creator of the soon to be released "World’s first sex robot." He may not realize that the sole
reason some men turn to other outlets is to escape conversation and demands to cuddle, but Hines knows his market, he feels there’s a growing number of people with little or no human interaction who are seeking his carefully engineered dolls.

Yes, there have been life-size dollies which need no inflation, but this sex robot is quite different. For merely seven to nine thousand dollars you too can have the latest in computerized companionship. Select Roxxxy, Wild Wendy, or Frigid Farrah. Each have distinct personalities and for realism, they snore.
It’s up to you to find the off button, it’s probably marked with a "G" so good luck!

Wowing crowds at the Las Vegas Adult Entertainment Expo, a "companion" dressed for bed, answered "I love holding hands with you," when she felt a touch on her hand. Unfortunately we can’t print what Roxxxy said when touched elsewhere.

Geek alert! She’s no Chatty Cathy doll. There’s a laptop connected to cables coming out of her back. She has touch sensors at strategic locations and can sense when she’s being moved, but can’t move on her own, not even to turn her
head or move her lips. Very lifelike if you’ve been dating an extremely drunk ventriloquist. Sound comes out of an internal loudspeaker. Phrases demonstrated were prerecorded, however she will also synthesize phrases from prerecorded words and sounds. The laptop will receive updates over the internet to expand her capabilities and vocabulary, tailored to your interests. For instance if you’re an astrophysicist, she can be taught to engage you in some simple shop talk, likewise if you’re into BDSM or professional wrestling.

Good intentions, but creepy just the same. Hines, an engineer originally made a very life-like "doll" of a friend who perished in 9/11, believing it would preserve his friend’s personality, giving his children a chance to interact with him as they were growing up. No word on how that one worked out. Hines
would like to take the robots beyond the sex industry, perhaps as home health care aides for the elderly and disabled.

"In a 2007 book, "Love and Sex with Robots," British chess player and artificial intelligence expert David Levy argues that robots will become significant sexual partners for humans, answering needs that other people are unable or unwilling to satisfy." My, how far technology has brought us. This is a very long way from The Mills Brothers fifties hit,"I’m Going to Buy a Paper Doll"..that I can call my own. New sexy robots stimulate your mind with pillow talk, choice of hot bods, personalities

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