New York Post and New York Daily News call GUN NUT Wayne LaPierre THE CRAZIEST MAN ON EARTH

wayne lapierre crazy gun nut

Republican leaning newspapers, on the front page. Rupert Murdock and all so

rts of conservative and Republican pundits agree. EXCEPT FOR ANY ELECTED REPUBLICAN who has not retired.

Look what we all personally suffer because 2800 people died on 911. What that costs us in taxes. The cause of two wars! Which makes up for just 3 months of those murdered by guns in this country. More murders than soldiers who died in all our wars just from 1980. A million killed since the Sixties. And what to do about it. Nothing. Republicans say they don’t even want guns in the discussion.

The House will DO NOTHING. Oh, my bad. Republicans are going to raise taxes to put armed police in every school! And Republicans are going to expand Obamacare to deal with mental health issues! And get this, about half the people in this country vote for the slimy bastards. Really! I am not kidding you.

I am hearing from my fellows that there is a hurry to do something immediately. Nothing will happen. So why not wait until just before the 2014 election, after we have a dozen or so more of these.