Newt Gingrich uses Scalise shooting to attack liberals, Daily Show

Newt Gingrich uses Scalise shooting to attack liberals, Daily ShowAh, we are all now joined in friendship, like after 911, which lasted almost a week.

On the list of ten top deplorables in America – those who have no redeeming social value whatsoever – numbers five through ten change with new blood being added like Milo, Zimmerman and Alex Jones.  Then on November 9th the list was disrupted shoving the previous top four down a notch with a new and terrific number one, though they fabulous four have held their positions for a generation:  Ted Nugent, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich. Family values spokesmen one and all.

What about this shooting though hey?  A liberal doppelganger of Chicago’s own Mike Ditka in an AR15 assault rifle attack. Liberals are not very good at that it seems as this one failed to kill anyone but himself.

But it is a big thing, a white conservative Republican shot with an assault rifle.  That’s big, I even noted a bit of concern about assault rifles, well a tiny bit of concern which is more than I have seen in a generation.

Perhaps it is time for Liberals, Mexicans and Blacklivesmatter to start buying up assault rifles before we run out. Remember, the Black Panthers running around with rifles back in the Sixties brought gun control to California.

Liberal violence is the problem Newt tells us.  After a Trump campaign celebrating violence and hatred in an election as never before experienced.

Hey, are not Muslim Terrorists conservatives?  Based as they are upon religious freedom [intolerance,] the NRA, guns, assault rifles, executions, gay marriage, abortion, prayer, transgender bathrooms, 911 flying first class, who could care less about the environment, want to keep that oil flowing and I am sure they hate paying taxes.

Or can you name something liberal about Muslim Terrorists?