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Newtown School Shooting, President’s address and Adam Lanza’s picture

adam lanza

UPDATE: Adam Lanza had 2 hand guns and an assault rifle with him, and one more rifle in his car. All owned by his mother. He also was buzzed into the school the day before and had an altercation with some of the staff inside the school. 4 staff members will killed.

Will this finally be the one?  It sure seemed so watching the President having to walk off from his speech overcome by emotion.  This happened in Australia about 15 years or so ago. The following week, Australians – who had a lot in common with our gun cowboy culture – initiated immediate gun controls and pretty much stopped this kind of thing in it’s tracks. They changed their culture.

Why did this kids mother, an elementary teacher, buy two 9mm automatics and an AR15  knowing her son Adam was nuts? Because we find she is a GUN NUT described as HAVING HAVE A PASSION for guns.  And besides, everyone has guns. Guns are good, guns are swell,  guns are what makes us so AMERICAN. And Christian! For guns are things that Jesus brings. What mother with a crazy teenage son would want to be left out of all the gun fun going on in America. How better to spend ones time shooting the crap of things down at the range filled with others whose only passion in life are guns and shooting the crap out stuff? Guns are so much fun in America that we take pictures of ourselves with Santa Claus and babies with machine guns. THAT is the problem.

There are two big political issues in all this.

1) Not only is the Republican Party the purveyor of the gun mania running amok in this country, they also work tirelessly to deny Mental Health as REAL HEATH and do not want it covered by insurance or Medicare and Medicaid. And what have they been doing for the past 2 years? Trying to cut funding for all forms of health care including mental illness. Throw them in jail.

2) This is worse than the vast minority of  the Tea Party having primary control over the GOP because the vast minority of these ignorant, violent, paranoid NRA nitwits cause elected officials of BOTH parties to hide under their beds in fear of them.

Sure we should have common sense controls on magazine size, gun show loopholes, and restriction on military assault rifles, but even that will not matter much. What we need to do is what Australia did. CHANGE THE CULTURE. Take a hard look at ourselves to realize all this violent gun fun we enjoy is not worth the cost. And that guns, like executions and our constant state of war are what makes us the violent people we are. This is no lie, go around the world and ask people what result they want if they are burgeled. MY STUFF BACK.  Ask an American?  BLOW THEIR HEAD OFF! And that attitude, or culture if you will, was around long before video games and movies.

And I have a secret to share with you. When you hone down talking to these people as to WHY they must have assault rifles with 100 round clips and pistols with 20 round clips of hollow points,  you will find it’s to SHOOT AS MANY NEGROES, MEXICANS, LIBERALS, MUSLIMS, FAGS and OBAMIANS they can.

Let me correct that a by adding another dimension to the personality that drives such people.  They must have assault rifles with 100 round clips to shoot as many UNARMED Negroes, Mexicans, Muslims, liberals, fags and Obamians they can find.

33 people a day, including 8 children are shot and killed everyday, and that is not counting suicides. 10 times as many per capita as most other nations. even more than MEXICO in the past few years. Gosh…

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