NRA chooses to expand America’s children’s graveyard of guns, Kichka cartoon

nra childrens graveyard

This cartoon from Israel shows us all who the rest of the world sees us on this iss

ue. Hopefully an intelligent black president can do something about it.
I hear New York wants to pass a gun regulation calling for no magazines that can hold more than 7 bullets. Nationally the word is 9 bullets. For 25 years I have been advocating 6 bullets, thinking of saving all the revolvers. Whatever the idea, it would be easy to do. In fact, not to just make them illegal to sell, but to possess. I am sure a snap in plug that could not be removed would be easy enough to engineer. For after all, what need is there for more than six shots? Are gun owners that terrible of a shot?

So what reasons are there to fire off more than six shots in a couple seconds?

Insane people to shoot very many children in schools.
Gang members to spray street corners and vehicles.
Bank robbers to shoot very many policeman.
Insane people to shoot very many people in movie theaters.
Tea Party members to shoot very many of our National Guard troops.
Insane people to shoot very many people at the mall.
NRA members to shoot very many Navy Seals.
Insane people to shoot very many people in restaurants.
Militias to shoot very many US Marines.
Insane people to shoot very many people at the work place.
Gunloons to shoot down Airforce F-14s and Army Cobra Helicopters.

And that’s about it…

And what is the present criteria that these high capacity assault rifles are needed to overthrow the United States government, which is the ONLY argument for assault rifles?

Health care for poor people.
Raising taxes on wealthy people.
Affirmative Action.
Universal health care.
Women’s right to choose.
Sex eduction in schools.
Separation of church and state.
Black people in the White House.
A UN treaty to give disabled the same rights everywhere as they enjoy here.
Immigration reform.
Accepting global warming.