NRA enthusiast Chet Steeler Says FK YOU Piers Morgan

Warning Will Robertson! Naughty words!

piers more guns

Do the math. United States has a 10 gun homicides per 100,000  people. Great Britain has 0.25 gun homicides per 100,000. American Mothers have reduced deaths by drunken drivers half. American Mothers haven’t done a damn thing to reduce deaths by guns which is worse.
If you live down or around the Dumbutt country side, you don’t know a Chet Steeler, you know dozens of Chet Steelers. Who wants assault rifles and extended clips?  Here is that mentality. Don’t forget what the assault rifles and extended clips are for.

There are three problems with all this..

1) The hypocrisy of the original content Republicans on the Supreme Court who refuse to address the framers of the constitution were talking about weapons that shot one round every 30 seconds rather than 120 rounds every second.

2) The refusal of the original content Republicans on the Supreme Court refusing to accept the first half of the 2th Amendment, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state…”

3) A large share of Americans are genetically disposed to being violent stupid asswipes. As Lady Gaga says, BORN THAT WAY.

Gun Pigs. The vast majority of gun sales are to those who already have home arsenals, many with more guns per household and more firepower than local police stations. Gun pigs. Those against a bill to limit the purchase of guns to one a month. Gun pigs. Those who need assault rifles with extended clips. Gun pigs. Those who believe gun fun is more important than 25,000 dead Americans a year. Gun pigs  Those whose most important pleasure in life is shooting guns, handling guns, wallowing in guns and endlessly talking about guns. Gun Pigs.