NRA Wayne LaPierre shoots his cat Oscar Pistorius style, Enos cartoon

lapierre shoots his cat

I am sure this cartoon by Randall Enos is meant to tie the NRA to South African gun enthusiast Oscar Pistorius shooting his girlfriend through the bathroom door. There is a lot of goings on about that in South Africa these days. But two things stand out. First is that Pistorius lied about not having his gets on when the shooting occurred, and neighbors saying there was a lot of arguing and yelling coming from the couples condo hours before the shooting. That said, he is white, he is rich, he is a hero with no legs so will probably walk free.

What is the makes guns an addiction?  This case may bring that to light.  After a person shoots and kills another human being by accident, and still wants to own and play with guns, they are addicted and mentally unstable. It's little different than the guy whose pit bull killed a child then moves to another town and gets another pit bull. Or the father whose toddler gets hold of his handgun and kills himself and the father keeps the gun in the house. Or as I recently saw on TV the other night, anyone who thinks the story of Abraham agreeing to slit his child's throat because God said so is a good lesson. In fact if there is any worse lesson to be taught, I don't know what it could be.