Obamacare & GOP, Kim & Kanye & Anti-Gay Meanies! Susie Sampson

Disasters of the Week! - Obamacare Website, Kim & Kanye, & Really Mean People! Susie Sampson

Susie’s disasters this week: Obamacare & GOP tantrums, Kim & Kanye, Hallmark’s gay aversion and a very mean woman in North Dakota!
In fact, you will not believe the woman in North Dakota, who is to Halloween what Scrooge was to Christmas before his conversion.  I promise she will make you trick or treaters appreciate the health food fanatics and coin-givers on your yearly route with a new affection!

Other meanies include Hallmark, the venerable company famous for cards and other gifty frippery. Hallmark is decidedly not gay or merry. I presume they do not wish to offend their conservative customers this Christmas with ‘gay apparel.’   Truly!

Susie – er Jackie is right of course.  The GOP should be happy dancin’ about the Obamacare melt-down, but instead they are throwing a giant tantrum, refusing all efforts to appease them…What to do? They already have a great deal of paid nap time.

Kim is due for a little marital advice according to Jackie. With her money she can buy any advice she wishes, but one can only try, and hope those crazy kids make a go of it…Or vanish from sight. Why is it that they are  famous?