Olbermann Worst: Bob Morris routs Lesbian Girl Scouts. LDS Temple baptizing Ann Frank, Breitbart/ Molly Shannon mashup

Worst: Bob Morris, Indiana State Rep (R-Allen County). Morris not only doesn’t want to celebrate 100 years of the Girl Scouts, he wants to reveal that they are a threat to family values in America! He learned that they are a "tactical arm" of Planned Parenthood, and they promote a "homosexual lifestyle," and he did it online – you can too! I always thought those award badges were fairly straightforward – if Morris is right, we have to throw those little tarts right off of our doorstep – right after my husband buys a case of Samoas. He hunts down people with daughters who sell cookies like a crack addict searching for a fix.

Worser: Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. That – is a mouth-full. I think you’ll agree that posthumous baptism is extremely out of control in some temples, trust me, no one is safe – in fact, the Pope might want to draw up a legal document.

Worse: Andrew Breitbart, alleged right wing blogger. Continued is Breitbart Theater, today co-starring Molly Shannon. ‘Bart is still battling over Shirley Sherrod, although everything IS his fault!