One Slurpee Nation: We CAN all get along with Slurpee mustaches, purple tongues.

Got Slurpee? Perhaps the billboard will feature celebrities and politicians sporting a purple version of the famous milk mustache campaign.

Within hours of the ‘Slurpee Summit’ buzz, McDonald’s had a full-blown advertising campaign rolling. As for the actual summit between President Obama and John
Boehner, the newly elected Boehner is no peaceful pushover, stating that he "prefers Merlot" – may I suggest that he try it with shaved ice in a giant disposable cup, the kind with a clear dome lid and a straw?

Surely Boehner doesn’t plan to make good on his promise to be contrary to each and every delicious Democratic suggestion?

  • Rack Jite

    Bevis! he said boner! hehehe
    Boner hehe boner… Yeah Butthead…

  • Bruce

    Obama reframes HIMSELF perfectly in his Slurpy Summit with BONER!