ONION: New ad invites Hipsters to Applebees, with irony, naturally


On Today Now!, a consumer expert shows Jim a new Applebee’s commercial that urges young people to come and mock their restaurants.
The cutting edge campaign urges Hipsters to ridicule food service and atmosphere. This  is a brilliant strategy. New entrees such as “Fajita Cordon Bleu” and “Chicken Strip Explosion” assure hours of snide enjoyment for the target demographic who are flexing their growing irony muscles.

Applebees describes their new method as “Annoying young people who do things ironically.”  Sly Applebees – masters of the double entendre! Contact Websters, they seem to have hidden the very definition of their target clientele within the description  of their method.

ONION: Applebees new ad campaign lures hipsters with irony