Onion Week in Review May 28th 2012, Wayne LaPierre and the NRA and Dead Children


For a generation I have been trying to come up with any political group that is worse that the NRA. Impossible. The really filthy ones like Aryan Nations and the Klan have no power. The NRA is in the business of promoting of wholesale violence, unfounded fear and ignorance to our slowest thinkers. And of course their coup de grace of late, codifying hunting down and killing Negroes with STAND YOUR GROUND and CASTLE LAWS. All rounded out with a filthy scumbag like Ted Nugent as their loudest voice.

I am not quite sure when the NRA moved from a sportsman group to it’s present position of the most powerful right-wing PAC in America. I think it was in the late Seventies.

The men and boys in our family and a few other families once rented cabins on a lake each Fall to duck hunt. I remember our fathers buying us memberships to the NRA when we were kids. Then quite suddenly the Dads all got together and unsubscribed us and themselves from the NRA.

Though it wasn’t until the incident in Waco, Texas that the NRA went over the top. The NRA came loudly to the defense of a group of insane maniacs who were selling and amassing automatic weapons and hand grenades, beating the living crap out of babies and toddlers, giving ALL their wives up to mass murderer David Koresh, and who shot 30 children through the head before they burned themselves up. How soon we forget. Here it is from 1994, Jesus of Waco

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