Onion Week in Review, women love chauvinist GOP, March 26 2012

Penn State T-Shirt Awkwardly Looked Away From

Also from the Onion this piece of legislation that realizes the Christian Tea Party driven GOP is no longer shy about saying what they really think…

Lawyers Opposing Health Care Law Cite Kids-With-Pre-Existing-Conditions-Can-Go-F*ck-Themselves Clause – MARCH 26, 2012 | ISSUE 48•13

WASHINGTON—As the Supreme Court hears oral arguments today on President Obama’s health care reform law, plaintiffs aiming to strike down the legislation are citing the U.S. Constitution’s Kids-With-Pre-Existing-Conditions-Can-Go-F*ck-Themselves clause, which decrees that children who suffer from debilitating illnesses prior to acquiring health insurance "should just go straight to hell." "It explicitly states in Article 4, Section 9 that ‘children with extant disorders unable to pay exorbitant premium fees can just fking die for all we care, especially the ones with leukemia.’" attorney Paul D. Clement told the nine jurists during his opening statement." Thus the current law is on its face unconstitutional. The Founding Fathers clearly wanted to force doctors to turn away youth with acute asthma so the nation’s children would turn blue in the face, go into cardiac arrest, and die in their own homes." Legal experts noted that if this argument fails, plaintiffs would undoubtedly cite the 24th Amendment’s If-You-Don’t-Have-Health-Insurance-Already-You-Must-Be-A-Poor-F*ck-Who-Doesn’t-Deserve-It-Anyway provision.