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Oregon Militia Hungry, Request Snacks Really – cartoon

Standoff News - Oregon Militia Hungry, Asking For Snacks -  cartoon

Militia desperadoes currently  holed up in Burns, Oregon need your help –  an SOS was sent from the  Malheur Wildlife Refuge requesting that snacks and supplies be sent to the anti-government group – ironically, through the U S Postal Service.

The level of unpreparedness is somewhat surprising. Many #YallQaeda members made farewell videos before Christmas which demonstrated their dedication to the cause. They can be seen manfully wiping dry tears from their eyes, explaining why daddy can’t be home for Christmas or New Year’s or maybe ever again. The boys carefully  packed their firearms and accouterments, and wore their green and brown camouflage gear, the better to blend into the snow.

The word is, #WhiteISIS didn’t secure support,  extra skivvies or food, assuming the community would be fully supportive of their actions. They assumed wrong.
The good news is the internet is rallying to the aid of the starving #TaliBanjo  members. Groups have formed to send them necessary items. #SnackTeamSix is said to be preparing shipments of glitter, diapers and baby food. Crayons, glue, crochet hooks and yarn are thoughtful supplies too. You  may want to adopt a  #YokelHaram member until he can go home again with his head held high.


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