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God and the Devil interview Osama Bin Laden, Heaven

heavenThere is a good point made in all that.  Indeed, God has killed more people than Osama bin Laden. Billions more. Most of whom She sent to Hell to suffer everlasting pain and agony. And worse, in a very short time She is going to kill you. And how many abortions has God preformed?

What’s with this God Thing anyway? Who came up with it? Some lazy cave dweller who needed more nose bones and didn’t like working for them? And from that day, much like smart phones, there was no going back. Soon evolution will meld our chins to upper chests.

I think the new civil rights movement will be the acceptance of atheists. As we come out of our closets people will get to know us and see that we are no different than they are. Well, other than much smarter and quite a bit better looking. Unlike our recent acceptance of gays which creates no more gays, atheism may spread, hopefully just enough to take all our religious silliness out of politics and government. As witnessed over the past couple years with the Tea Party Ugly, we have enough fantasy in our politics.