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Our Drunk Neighbor Donald Trump

Our drunk neighbor Donald TrumpTakes me back to the old B1 Bomber Bob Dornan days when I could not figure out how an elected congressman from California no less  could be such a crazyass Right-wing lunatic who often drooled on himself and got into fistacuffs on the House floor. But after he lost his last election to Ms Sanchez I saw him in an interview one evening in front of his house blaming it all on nuns while drunk on his ass. And then it all became clear.

I wonder if Donald Trump was born drunk or just sounds drunk? Beloved as he is by drunks and the Republican Base.  Could it be they are all drunk all the time?

I have noticed that the drunker people get the more conservative they sound.  Get them real drunk and they will drop the NWORD all over the place without even looking over their shoulder as they do when sober.

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