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Foxy Headed Ho’s

Chris Wallace, conservative moderator of Fox News Sunday, had Al Sharpton in the hot seat for most of a half an hour to discuss the Don Imus issue. Other than referring to Don Imus in the first sentence, Wallace spend the entire time attacking Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Hip-Hop, Black Comedians, Twaina Brawley and the Duke Stripper. The issue of racism on AM Radio (or anywhere else) was most obviously avoided. Even Juan Williams (Half of Fox News’ Liberal GoFor Duo – Allan Combs the other) chimed in to only attack Sharpton, Jackson and Hip Hop. Williams was followed by Brit Hume and Bill Kristol to reiterate the horror of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Hip Hop while they laughed and giggled that liberals are more racist than conservatives. Gosh… And they get away that.

Nappy Headed Ho’s

After a week long uproar, MSNBC has dropped the Don Imus Show. In the end, it came down to the top three advertisers of the show; GM, Proctor & Gamble and American Express bailing out that finished him off.  
This is an interesting case of how the MEDIA works. We can look back to Jimmy the Greek getting fired from CBS Sports for explaining how blacks are bred. Or Rush Limbaugh getting fired from ESPN for pushing that old racist crap that Blacks are not smart enough to be quarterbacks. And not to forget Michael Savage getting fired from MSNBC for telling gays he hopes they get AIDS and die.
On the other hand, with Michael Savage (a full bore racist pig) now third in radio syndication with hundreds if not thousands of local right-wing talk show hosts doing their various racist hate talk to audiences of tens of millions, there is no problem.
You see? You can do just about anything on the radio, but not on television. Why is that?

Paving Over the Retarded

Down here in Dumbass, we are presently in the Family Values process of tossing hundreds of retarded adults from a non profit facility. To build condos in which the people presently living on the property can not afford. Is this news? Yes! This very same thing happens to African Americans about twice a day. That is not news, it’s a way of life.
I take interest in this one because our liberal Democrat Mayor Bill White is the prime mover to pave over the retarded for a buck. The facility, with most of a 99 year lease in front of them, has added buildings and upgrades over the years. It is prime residential property and will be developed as such. (You see, I already know how it will end.) The City of Houston declared the lease invalid for games of legalese. There is a small uproar decrying capitalism gone wrong, but not from anyone who have dollar signs in their eyes.

Endemic Conservative Racism

“In 2000 Al Gore would have won if he had received any Southern electoral votes. In 2004 Bush again won 100 percent of the South’s electoral votes.” George Will, Neo Confederate Wimp.
So it goes that if Cowboy George can get one more Supreme Court nomination, then for the next generation all Supreme Court decisions will side with the old mantra of “States’ rights yesterday, states ‘ rights today, and states’ rights forever!” And anyone who does not understand the impetus behind that, is living in La La Land. The same Land where live anyone who believes a Black man can become President. The math will move beyond reason and the GOP will get 155% of the South.I recall this coming up on a personal basis down here in Dumbass sometime before there were Blockbusters. I drove down to our little mom and pop video store on the corner. I wandered around visiting with Pop who was also a personal friend. Not seeing the title I was looking for I asked him if he had “Do the Right Thing.” Pop, told me that racist movies would not be found in his store. I explain that it was not a "racist" movie but a movie “about” racism. He told me it was about trouble making Blacks racists. Had he seen the movie? No, he had heard about it and knew the director was a trouble making Black racist. In that two minute encounter, I understood Pop was a racist. A real racist, just like you know it from reading those few sentences. But you can’t say it, at least not down here in Dumbass.

The 14th Crusade

A February poll showed the majority of Iraqis’ believe things where better under Saddam and that it is okay to kill American soldiers. And if that poll had not included the Kurdish North, it would have been two thirds of Iraqis’ feeling that way.
Ayatollah George gave a rousing war speech today! Take no prisoners! Kill them all! Jack it up! Fight on harder and forever no matter the cost! All based upon him once again throwing out his troublesome religious rhetoric, "pure evil" responding to the terrorists who recently used two children as cover for a car bomb, detonating it with the kids inside. He went on with his "no matter the cost", we must "defeat evil" or they will swim the Atlantic and murder all our children. The reason he insists upon spilling so much "non-bush blood" is because we are winning the war in Iraq. One has to lean way back to ponder all that on not a few levels.