Fox & Friends: How Dare Gangsta Obama Use N Word!

Fox & Friends: How Dare Gangsta Obama Use N Word!

In what could be a hilarious ONION piece, FOX 'News' hosts who refuse to admit the Charleston shooting of nine black Americans by a white supremacist, was a racist act;  are affecting great umbrage after hearing a black president use the "N word" in an articulate and well-thought out discussion about racism.   Full Article & Video

Tea Party Report: Gay Pride Week , Takin’ Down the Gays NSFW

Tea Party Report: Gay Pride Week , Takin

Susie Sampson - media firebrand and undercover  Tea Party reporter, attended  the Gay Pride celebration in Los Angeles, to mingle with  the gay people who've come to celebrate PRIDE - and with the  straight men who protested the event, because - 'Jesus' and because they "find everything about the gay lifestyle offensive." In fact, what ... Full Article & Video

Larry Wilmore on Fox Family & Friends peckerwoods

Larry Wilmore Fox News peckerwoods

Just in case you don't know the names of these peckerwoods at Fox News who are using the tragedy in South Carolina to push both their War on Christianity crap and promote open carry of guns in churches, their names are Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and right-wing transracial pastor E. Full Article & Video