CSPAN: Mom Woodhouse Calls to Yell At Arguing Sons

C-SPAN: Mom Woodhouse Calls to Yell at Arguing Sons

I guarantee that you've never seen this on C-Span. Here is a truly priceless moment. The arguing team of pundits, brothers  Brad and Dallas Woodhouse, the former a Democrat, the latter a Republican, were making an appearance on Washington Journal when a call came in from Raleigh, North Carolina. It should be noted that the ... Full Article & Video

Liz loves Dick the Dick no matter what

Loving Dick Cheney

And some gal married Charles Manson a few weeks ago! This one caught my eye as an example in the bigger picture of who is at fault for accepting so much ugly in the world, is it the messengers or the receivers. Is it Rush Limbaugh who is a fat ugly bigot and morphine addict who Full Article & Video

Russell Brand: Tortured Gitmo Prisoner Tells All

Russell Brand: Tortured Guantanamo Bay Prisoner  Tells All

A Guantanamo Bay prisoner lifts the lid on CIA torture with Russell Brand, as Fox News Hatriot Andrea Tanteros leads the faithful in a sneering cheer. "The US is AWESOME,  WE are AWESOME!"   "This administration wants to have this discussion (on torture)  to show us how we're NOT awesome."  Gosh, we'll just all shut up ... Full Article & Video

Michele Bachmann’s Greatest Video Hits, So Far

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann is so often so obtuse even the crazy quote in this graphic from a satirical site is believable. In response to Michele Bachmann's farewell speech on the House Floor Tuesday, Chris Matthews took a few moments to relive some of her zanier moments caught on film. In doing so, we find that nearly every Full Article & Video