President Obama on how he will degrade ISIL

Obama degrades ISIL These guys [ISIL] are barbarians, they don't wash their hands after using the restroom. I can't recall any presidential impersonator who captures both the voice and appearance as this comedian, Reggie Brown. The politics are moving fast and strong. Since the first beheading the polls are showing a surge Full Article & Video

Breast feeding at The Onion

Onion week in review IT sounds funny,something wrong with the sliders. Or is that a new announcer? And hey, I do not breast feed and I know what's best for everyone else, as I am sure you do too. There have always been a few things I have not been able to understand Full Article & Video

The Washington Bonercats, FOD

washington bonercats Because so many Americans like Redskins owner Dan Snyder understand racism as anyone who brings up racism - playing the race card - something needs to be done. How about we all just call them something else, like The Washington Bonercats for instance. Through personally I believe the Washington Full Article & Video

Stephen Colbert makes fool of John McCain

Stephen Colbert makes fool of John McCain

So what is the Republican argument with all this ISIS crap?  Well here you have it, if we had left a large residual military force in place in Iraq, forever, we would not have had two Americans killed by terrorists in Iraq. First off, the Iraq government loudly and adamantly Full Article & Video

Ellen does Anaconda Booty Dance!

ellen anaconda booty dance

I often wonder if it was not Ellen who more than anyone helped turn this country around on gay rights. Always UP, always HAPPY, always FUN, always FUNNY, always NICE, always KIND and so on. Watching her show is always a pleasant and uplifting experience... I am told. Another person Full Article & Video

Fun With Net Neutrality by Jimmy Kimmel

Fun With Net Neutrality Jimmy Kimmel

If - like me, you missed "Internet Slowdown" day Wednesday, it's not too late. Jimmy Kimmel explains - rather demonstrates what is at risk in a unique and unforgettable manner - and he does it in under three minutes!  We often hear the words 'net neutrality', but it sounds so Full Article & Video