Key & Peele God Answers Prayer!

Key & Peele  God Answers Prayer!

In this hilarious skit from Key and Peele, a prayer group is winding up their meeting with a typical  prayer beseeching God for guidance, they also ask Him to hear their prayer for the poor,  those who suffer, and for those who are disenfranchised.  Full Article & Video

The Beauty of the Confederate Flag

Beauty of Southern heritage

This is a photo taken at the recent KKK Southern Heritage march to run the confederate flag back up the pole on the South Carolina state house grounds, the crowd here caught making ape sounds at African Americans behind some barriers and screaming that they are "the color of turds." So you see, things are not ... Full Article & Video

KKK Confedate Flag Sousaphone march

KKK Confedate Flag Sousaphone mrach

So many sheep so little time, here the Ku Klux Klan boldly proves exactly what the confederate flag stands for, nice shot of an accompanying swastika tattoo on one of the marchers, and of course the hero of the day, the guy with the sousaphone playing the march of the buffoons. Full Article & Video