Jimmy Kimmel Hide & Speak: Worst Facebook Friends

Jimmy Kimmel Hide & Speak: Worst Facebook Friends

In honor of National Un-Friend Day, Jimmy's cousin Sal went out to Hollywood Boulevard to talk to people about the those who annoy them on Facebook. He let them put on masks so they could be totally honest. That's right. A mask allowed these people to be brutally honest with their Facebook 'friends' and in ... Full Article & Video

Republicans Win via The Screw You Strategy!

Republicans Win via The Screw You Strategy!

"Never have so many benefited from screwing so many."  It genuinely is the "If you vote for me, I'll kill your puppy" platform, and those with the most to lose gladly voted for those who will surely take it from them. Why would voters elect the candidate who has promised to continue mistreating them, while ... Full Article & Video

SNL Cold Open: Obama and McConnell get drunk

SNL obama and mcconnell get drunk

What's the message here?  If I ain't mistakin' it's that color has no boundaries when it comes to women putting a stop to having fun. My immediate hope is that the President will pound on a big bass drum and give the Republicans the finger as he signs the executive order to give temporary work permits Full Article & Video

SNL: Woody Harrelson and Crack

woody harrelson and crack

Ah, the good old daze...  What was so good about them?  There used to be more crime, poverty, racism, intolerance, head injuries, hunger, illness, death, bigotry and nothing on TV. My only complaint these days are the cell phones. That we must all know where everyone is and what they are doing every minute of every Full Article & Video

Ellen: Hilarious Weird Toys NSFW

The Ellen Show: Hilarious Weird Toys NSFW

Ellen devotes a hilarious segment to introducing some of the most amazing new toys you may want to put on your holiday shopping list!   I probably don't have to tell you that Ellen also found a few toys that nobody wants to find under their tree, and for that reason, they were taken off the ... Full Article & Video