Conan O’Brien: Andy Richter, Republican Presidential Nominee

Conan O

Conan O'Brien stands to  lose his sidekick Andy Richter to the Republican Presidential draft process; and we learn the secret behind  the always vast and bizarre Republican field.Don't hate Andy, he isn't even interested in politics, and the thought of joining the presidential race, much less as a Republican candidate has never even crossed his ... Full Article & Video

Daily Show Latino Al Madrigal, Hillary and Cuban Elites

Al Madrigal Hillary Clinton amnesty

"Giving a major immigration speech in the adult information room of a public library, she figured, hey if this good enough for homeless people to masturbate in, it's a good enough place to pander to Latinos," Al Madrigal on Hillary Clinton's historic speech to hand out almost as much amnesty as Ronald Reagan once did. Full Article & Video