Awesome Hasan Minhaj makes a fool of Andrea Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros, Fox News Airhead from hell

"America is awesome!" Andrea Tantaros' defense of American torture. Step aside Sister Sarah. Move over Mrs Bachmann. No more Vogue covers for you Virginia Foxx! Andrea Tantaros is the hands up winner of the Republican Airhead of the Century award.  She is so awesome. More awesome than America. This award has been a long time coming Full Article & Video

Dont Do This At Company Holiday Parties

What Not To Do At Your Company Holiday Party

We're entering peak office holiday party season. So in order to show you how not to behave at this year's big bash, comedians from The Upright Citizen's Brigade join Fast Company to bring you this holiday public service announcement. If you follow these handy guidelines you may manage to hold onto your dignity and your ... Full Article & Video

Jimmy Kimmel: Pets Who Hate Holiday Costumes

Jimmy Kimmel: Pets Against People Who Love Costumes

This is going to be difficult for some pet owners to hear. Season after season you spend considerable money and effort dressing your pets up in scratchy and undignified costumes. Um, yes - they are adorable, and you are under the impression that they like to be included, and that they enjoy it as much ... Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart explains the Torture Document

torture is not American, it is Republican

Torture is a Republican thing, well except for John McCain it seems. Fox News, talk radio, Dick Cheney and the Tea Party sure like it! Character matters. It's the nature of the beast. Let's see. The Republican high moral grounds: Executions, guns, corporal punishment, assault rifles, preemptive war, shooting, torture, rhino rounds, collateral damage and of Full Article & Video

Mika Brzezinksi Learns About Furries & Loses It!

Morning Joe: Mika Brzezinksi Learns About Furries & Loses It!

What could possibly have caused MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski to completely lose her composure and flee the set in hysterics? On Monday's "Morning Joe" Brezinski was reporting the details of a chlorine gas leak at a "furry" convention in Illinois, where convention-goers were forced to evacuate. After reading the words "furry convention" Mika seemed to falter Full Article & Video