I, me, my and Mine by Gruden Harger

George Carlin selfish republicans

I read this in the Houston Chronicle yesterday finding it the best example of who and what Republicans are these days and why they vote the way they do. Excerpt from A-OK with Straight Ticket - Letter to the editor Houston Chronicle November 12, 2014 I'm a former issues and best man voter, back when the Full Article & Video

Letterman: Presidents Second Acts, Pope & Evolution

Letterman:Presidents Second Acts,the Pope & Evolution, Obama Flies the Bird

David Letterman's hilarious monologue from Monday is far-reaching. From religion and science to world events and politics, Dave has it all. Dave takes you to Vatican City to hear Pope Francis tell throngs of people why he believes in evolution. I was shocked. I've always theorized that the Pope's stance was based in large part on Full Article & Video

Bill Cosby’s Zip Zop Zoobity Bop Meme Flop

Bill Cosby

What was Bill Cosby thinking...Anyone? On Monday Cosby posted a photo of himself with a friendly "Happy Monday" on it, and issued the irresistible invitation, "go ahead, meme me."  The response was anything but the jolly cannonball splash into the pool of social media that Cosby - or his social media manager had imagined. Instead it Full Article & Video

Senator Angus Young calls Fox & Friends Cruel

fox news and friend are cruel

Here we have Independent Maine Senator Angus King calling Fox News & Friend "cruel" for doing all they can to deny millions of people health insurance. All because of an old clip of Ned Nobody saying the ACA passed because of political transparency and stupid voters. Well Ned Nobody sure got the stupid voters part right, Full Article & Video

Thanksgiving Family Rescue: Jimmy Kimmel

Thanksgiving Family Rescue: Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel wonders; what is sadder than spending Thanksgiving by yourself?  The frozen food section is always cleared of turkey dinners by the time I hit the grocery store,so I know a lot of people  are dining with 'the Swansons.'  Perhaps this is the case because often, the alternative; spending the day with family - ... Full Article & Video

New York City weighs in on weed

New York City weighs in on weed

So New York City will no longer arrest people for possessing 25 grams or less of marijuana, they will be giving tickets instead.  First time offense is $100 fine with ability to stipulate and pay by mail. What I find most interesting in this presentation is how they arrived at the 25 gram limit. Why not Full Article & Video