Wayne LaPierre NRA Scumbag

NRA Scumbag Wayne LaPierre

“She will not bring a dawn of new promise and opportunity, Hillary Rodham Clinton will bring a permanent darkness of deceit and despair forced upon the American people to endure,” NRA president Wayne LaPierre at their national convention in Nashville. Full Article & Video

Bill Maher explains Zayn Malik joke to the Idiot Media

the idiot media bill maher

"You are not only traitors to journalism, you are in the truest sense of the word 12 year old girls." Bill Maher to Time, CNN, MSNBC, Daily Beast, Boston Globe, Buzz Feed, The Independent, the Guardian, Newsday, HLN, Irish Independent, Mediaite, Boston Herald, Huffington Post, International Business Times, Think Progress, Toronto Star, Philly.com, Irish Examiner, Times ... Full Article & Video